Why choose a decorative coating?


To embellish and personalize your decoration, opt for a decorative coating. Original and warm, the coating brings texture to your various supports and can be applied in any room.

Why choose a decorative coating instead of paint?

For an embossed look

Decorative coatings are ideal if you want to break away from smooth, uniform walls. An effect paint applied with a rag, a sponge, a comb... can bring an original look but does not add material to your wall.
Decorative coatings allow you to obtain a play of textures on your surfaces. It brings a warm and authentic touch to your interior.

For uneven surfaces

Decorative plaster is particularly recommended on walls in poor condition or not smooth.
Indeed, it hides the defects of the wall thanks to its thickness. On the other hand, the wall must be repaired, clean and dry before the application of the coating.

To adapt to all your supports

The advantage of decorative coating is that it can be applied in any room as long as it is waxed, varnished or protected by a specific product. It then becomes washable, which facilitates its daily maintenance.
There are also coatings that can be applied to all types of surfaces, even wood and tiles. Ideal for decorating a shower or renovating a work surface.